Sunday, 18 August 2013

Cuba, a country of contraditions!

Cuba brought out in me all sorts of emotions...happiness, frustration,bewitched, angry, empathy, sadness, alive, amused,charmed and the list goes on.

 A lady comes out with a fruit tray as we adventured out in the blazing sun on a walking trip near the hotel we are staying by the beach.

While waiting for our freshly made Pina Collada I noticed these amazing chairs made with cow hide.
 Now in Havana and I exchanged smiles with my friendly neighbour across the road.

 We go from amazing architecture and superb detailed ceilings...

To this!

The glass and the light remind me of Moroccan design.
And here was our lovely tour guide Ania ordering us and the driver one of our best meals in Cuba made in a lady's house which was sold to Cubans (since she wasn't allowed to acompany us to the hotel restaurant we decided it wasn't for us also).

 Here we stumbled upon a children's class in the middle of Havana.

And I loved the fact people gathered in the afternoon to dance the tango.

And with all this contraditions would I go back? Absolutely...

Pictures are my own.