Sunday, 1 July 2012

Shades on!

It's July and the sunshine and warmth we are praying for will hopefully arrive soon. However, you do not want the sun to shine in all the time as it will damage your furniture and objets d’art.

So it’s time we talk about window treatments, they will not only protect your interiors but control the light so you can create a romantic mood as the sun or moonlight filters in. They will also muffle some of the noise from by-passing traffic or insulate the heat and cold. 

Remember that without them the sun will bleach and weaken your furniture and fabrics. UV window film is a good choice when privacy isn't key. 

Museums use sunscreen shades to filter light into their galleries and protect the art work. These mesh shades now have wide use in residential spaces; they are semi-sheer, provide privacy, and filter your view as well as the light.

Shades can be installed vertically or horizontally, their composition is a double layer of sheer fabric to filter the sun and the view. By pulling a cord, an opaque membrane that's between the two sheer layers can be tilted into place to block out the light or prying eyes. That membrane is available in translucent or blackout weights so you can use them in living spaces and bedrooms without changing your look from the outside. 

Pleated or honeycomb shades add an additional layer of insulation while providing privacy and light control. They are available in hundreds of colours and weights made from sheer, opaque, translucent, or blackout fabrics so they can be used in many different applications. 

Wooden blinds can be painted or stained and are available with several different widths of slats. Remember the larger the slat, the better your view will be when they are tilted open.  The ability to tilt the slats is a great feature of these shades since they can remain in the down position and still filter light and privacy.  

Shutters have much the same aesthetic as wooden blinds, although not as versatile; because the slats are housed in a frame, you are unable to raise the slats to expose the glass. 

Custom made fabric shades will provide both privacy and insulation when closed and a whole lot of decorative impact, depending on your fabric of course.

The Roman shade is probably the most tailored. It can either be completely flat in the closed position or have a "waterfall" effect. 

So now that you have the shades down, or up either enjoy your time at home.