Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Choosing a Bedside Table!

A few weeks ago I decided to change our bedside table, that’s when I realised how daunting it can be for a couple to make the right choice.  

We all have different needs so take a moment and think all that you will keep in your bedside table….clock, tissue, books, glasses, cell phone, water bottle, picture frames, medicine, reading lights, flower vases, hand cream, journal…and the list is endless! Identify what yours will be used for and you are halfway there.

Storage - What will the bedside table be used for? If you just need a place to store books or an alarm clock then a small bedside table without any drawers should suffice but if you need to store a lot of things you will probably need a larger bedside table with a couple of drawers.

Size – Your bedside table should be in direct proportion to your bed in terms of height and width. If too tall or too short it will be uncomfortable to use and to read in bed if using a reading lamp. Height - a few inches of the top of your mattress. Width - complement the bed, not overpower it or feel too small.

Style – Look at the style of your bed as well as your entire bedroom to figure out what’s best for your bedside table; complement your bed, not detract from it. 

Colour – Why not use a fun furniture piece to inject a playful accent colour in your bedroom or blend your nightstands with your bedding by choosing a neutral shade.

Material – Depending on the determined the style either go for polished chrome, stainless steel, brass, wrought iron, glass, solid wood, mirrored, with a plethora of materials out there you will certainly find something to suit you.

Space - if you only have room for a small nightstand? Then make it functional by using the space wisely; think about what absolutely needs to be in or on the nightstand and lighting, photographs, books, etc can actually be moved to the walls or other spaces. 

And please remember if you leave a little space between your bed and the wall it will appear unsightly. Buy a bigger bedside table to plug the gap or conversely a smaller one that allows you to fill the gap with another decorative bedroom piece. 

Pictures via HousetoHome