Sunday, 27 February 2011

And then there was light!

Let the entry to your house create a warm welcome for your guests!

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So whether you have a grand entry or a narrow corridor, you can use lighting to make the entrance to your home inviting.

With today’s open floor plans you will find the space is often not clearly defined in the entry. This might at first glance make the lighting design tricky; do not despair, help is at hand.

But safety first and yes you are now thinking oh dreaded and frustrating three words (health and safety) but trust me, the last thing you want is someone having an accident, I am sure you do not want their face to come into contact with your floor as soon as they enter, oops.

So are there any changes in elevation? If so they need to be properly illuminated and you definitely want to be able to see who is entering. Also remember that stairways must have good lighting for safety so to prevent accidents, stairs should be lit from top to bottom with switches in both places so that it is convenient to turn off lights when no longer needed.  Now you have checked this out let’s get your creative juices flowing.

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You can highlight features like artwork on the walls and let the light bouncing off the walls act as accent lighting.

In very large hallways overhead lights alone will have a hard time adding warmth and atmosphere. Throughout my lighting postings I will be forever telling you to layer lights; the use of several light sources at different levels works wonders while adding interest to the space. For accent lighting, use matching wall up lighting to complement the hanging hallway pendant or chandelier. Always mount wall fixtures above the eye so that the lamp source is not visible. This creates a wonderful effect of illumination that reflects off the walls and into your space. 

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Tips on lighting your hallway, foyer or stairway:

·         Hang a mirror to add a special decorative touch to a foyer.
·         Place a small table lamp on a console next to a mirror.
·         Add a dimmer and really set the tone of your room.
·         Incorporate recessed lighting to highlight a specific feature in your hallway while adding safety. 

When choosing lighting for your hallway, foyer or stairway, consider the following:
Size the decorative fixture to the space; not all hallways can accommodate a large chandelier, so make sure you get the right size. But if you have a larger space then fit a larger light fixture in order to provide light for the entire space. If you are lucky enough to have a high, open ceiling space, consider a chandelier or decorative pendant lamp that looks attractive from the top of your stairway or mezzanine. 


You have now entered the home so in my next posting I will be taking you through to the living room.

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