Friday, 10 February 2012

Coffee plus!

Designers know only too well how important it is to incorporate design ideas and pieces of furniture that accommodate daily living and help keep clutter such as magazines tucked away while creating a beautiful room: a coffee table suits this purpose. 

They are practical and versatile pieces of furniture and are found in most living rooms irrespective of the d├ęcor of the house.

The design and type of coffee tables should match the rest of the interior features. If you're just decorating your house, it's best to look at all sorts of coffee tables: classic or ultra modern design? Then wood, glass or metal?

When choosing remember to have all the dimensions of the room clear; sometimes even the rest of the items of furniture are important for the matter. 

For instance, coffee tables are usually placed near sofas and armchairs. Try to buy these elements together; otherwise you'll have to consider the way they match in the eventuality of a combination. 

Material and colour are very important; beware off too daring colours! Although they look innovative and modern, it must be taken into account how well do such coffee tables match with the rest of the objects in the room?

Placing coffee tables directly on the floor or on the carpet is another element to consider. Transparent glass tables usually work great with wood polished floors as they leave an amazing impression of spatiality and for those who are dealing with smaller spaces, modern Lucite coffee tables will provide a perfect match. 
They are attractive and serviceable, and their translucent appearance doesn’t take up any room visually. 

If you are not convinced by the coffee tables offers available in shops; have a model made on special order or there are plenty of companies that design unique coffee tables according to the client's requirements.

Coffee tables became popular in the United States in the 1920s during Prohibition when a great deal of entertaining was done in the privacy of one’s home. These low tables were given the name “coffee tables,” even though at times equipped with secret compartments to hide illegal liquor bottles. After Prohibition, these became more appropriately known as cocktail tables. Although both terms are still recognized, coffee table is the name most commonly known. 

Some of the hottest looks are ottomans and benches upholstered in tufted leather which are used in place of coffee tables. I love the flexibility of these pieces that can play so many different roles; with the help of a tray for stability, they make great tables with plenty of room for cups, glasses and even snacks. They provide extra seating for a house full of guests at party time. If you choose a large and heavy then look for those that are on rollers for maximum manoeuvrability.

Large puffy ottomans upholstered in all kinds of fabrics are also popular and they make comfy spare seating and footrests, but don’t display more than books and magazines. And speaking of books, a great one to add is the new book of interviews from Katie Treggiden; it’s an absolute must for a coffee table.

There are so many choices now and something to suit everyone’s taste and situation — from the really expensive to utterly affordable. So go for it: Shop, look and listen! You’ll find just the right piece to take centre stage in your living room.

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