Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The perfect shot!

While looking for pictures for a blog post I came across Brandon Barré and my oh my was I blown away with his work!

When you look at a magazine and see amazing pictures of interiors remember that yes the designer did a great job but do you know part of the secret? It’s a good photographer. 

Even the best decorated rooms, need be shown in their best light to really shine and that’s where Brandon Barré comes into play. So let me tell you a bit more about Brandon.

An early passion for photography (probably due to his mother since she was the family “photographer”) led to a freelance photojournalism for the local newspaper at the age of 15. He still has one of his favourite cameras, an antique Kodak medium format with expandable bellows.

Today, Brandon Barré is a commercial photographer based in Toronto, Canada a cosmopolitan city I know and love as I lived there for nearly 3 years. His clients span from New York to Seattle and all across Canada; his work has been published worldwide. His portfolio with pictures of interiors, people and food is extremely impressive.   

He believes that lighting and state of the art lenses are paramount plus the fact that he is a perfectionist makes the perfect combination to achieve great results and have become his trademark. 

Brandon started in the food field and a lot of his inspiration comes from his heroes in this genre - the great food photographers of Australia, UK, and France (in particular French ELLE food & drink magazine; great photography!). Brandon loves his client's reactions, all the oohing and aahing around the monitor on a food shoot is what inspires him the most. 

Long story cut short he goes from food to interiors by chance or shall I say with the help of an Interior designer. 

In his quest to achieve great shots, Brandon says “I've crouched inside fireplaces, squatted in showers, and surely defined some new Yoga moves shooting room interiors”.

Brandon is becoming one of Canada's most exciting photographic talents; his style and passion for photography is absolutely superb. I for one have become a fan and cannot wait to see more of his dazzling work. 

Addition to my wish list: have Brandon photograph my home.

Pictures via Brandon Barré 

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