Friday, 11 March 2011

Lighting, a core ingredient.

Kitchen lighting

To be able to prepare and cook food safely and easily you need bright lighting so use high wattage strip lights on the undersides of wall-mounted cabinets to illuminate the worktop, but you also want to create a softer and more welcoming atmosphere so for that use low wattage track lights or recessed spotlights. Now if your kitchen features a central island or breakfast bar then install a bright light overhead as you may want to use this area to read the morning papers. 

                                                     (via Annie Stevens Design)

You can also make a decorative feature of this overhead lighting that compliments the rest of the kitchen. If you have glass cabinets consider lighting them from the inside for effect. 

Dining room lighting

A dining room should be bright enough so that you can see what you are eating but If the lights are too bright then your room will look stark and uninviting so with a dimmer switch you can create a softer lighting and achieve a welcoming atmosphere for dinner parties or even for a romantic meal- you might want to use candles to create an intimate atmosphere. A central light over the dining table will be an interesting feature while becoming a focal point. You could opt for a decorative chandelier, either contemporary or traditional or if you have a long table use a pendant light or several.  

Hope you were delighted with our kitchen and dining and do come back for the next posting I will take you on a tantalising trip through the bedroom.


  1. I'm looking for the black chandelier with the colourful crystals any idea where I could purchase?

  2.  Hi Lennon, apologies for tardy reply but I was away. Which room are you decorating ? Would love to hear what you are doing so why not email me at and I will be happy to let you know where you can purchase that gorgeous black chandelier. Best wishes, Ana.