Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Armani lifestyle!

Beauty with functionality 

Who hasn’t dreamt with Armani clothes? Well I certainly have especially when as a child I dreamt of being a fashion designer. At a young age I was taking clothes to my seamstress and designing how I wanted them to look. As a teenager I would replicate Armani’s lines (sorry Armani but I was only a child). So I suppose that I have always been a fan of the famous Signore. 

But let me tell you how Armani has come a long way from the career path he embarked upon as a medical student to becoming a household name. 

In 1957, he abandoned medicine to pursue a merchandising job at Italy's department store (a bold move which proved to be very successful), followed by a stint with a few fashion labels. Giorgio Armani S.P.A, was founded in 1975 with partner Sergio Galeotti, launching a men's and women's ready-to-wear line. By the 1980s, Armani established his reputation as one of the world's most influential and successful fashion designers. Today the Armani brand includes several labels.

In 2000 Giorgio founded Armani/Casa, a platform for him to realise the Armani aesthetic for the interiors; both comfortable and sophisticated. The designer says "Everything that bears the Armani signature is interrelated. I want to feel an intimate environment around me where all pieces of furniture, textiles and accessories work in harmony,"

Armani/Casa relocated from Bond Street to the design centre at Chelsea Harbour where they showcase luxurious furniture, furnishings, accessories, décor and fabrics. 

That’s when on London Design Week 2011 I come upon their new showroom; if you were looking for dramatic then look no further, you can’t but be impressed with their showroom which is divided into several divisions by illuminated walls of polycarbonate almost resembling the byobu partitions used in Japanese houses. Armani are so thorough that after setting the shop up they had to take pictures of the vignettes and send them to Italy so they know that it all looks the Armani way. I have to say that even I wanted an Armani vignette in my house and they have this amazing coffee table that turns into a bar, every man’s dream or woman (me).

The furnishings are designed to fit specific zones in the home: living, dining, bedroom, study, kitchen and bath. Each season, they introduce additional lines to complement the existing ones and each piece of furniture is designed with functionality in mind.  

These are stunningly elegant fabrics that reflect an indefinable sense of glamour. One of my favourites is the TB049 - Derby. You will find this fabric in 5 beautiful colours. I was attracted mostly to the beautiful orange colour but also the unusual visual effect.

Armani /Casa will debut their 2011-12 collection which will be the third collection of home textiles produced in partnership with Rubelli Textiles at the Armani/Casa store at via Sant'Andrea 9 during the Saloni Internazionale del Mobile in Milan. 


Design and comfort, elegance and functionality are Armani/Dada motto. Since their “Bridge” kitchen was first launched in 2006 which now famous as got two new additional models. The main objective is to bring the simplicity and the elegance of true Italian style to the whole world. You will be able to see the new Kitchen systems on display at via Manzoni 37.

Armani/Roca has united their experience and talent as world leaders in their respective sectors, and I for one couldn't be happier. Two of my favourite companies are about to create an intimate and elegant bathroom area which provides a comfortable and harmonious atmosphere. Even the illuminated false ceiling can be fitted with coloured lights for Chromotherapy. They have created not only luxurious bathrooms but a deeply sensual experience. The first Armani/Roca bathroom concept will be presented during the Saloni Internazionale del Mobile in Milan at via Manzoni 37. 


So if you are going to Milan for the Saloni Internazionale del Mobile you must go and check out their new collections; if you are looking for elegance and sophistication then look no further because this is the Armani signature.

I love Armani/Casa new collection and I know that so will you!

Pictures via Armani/Casa & my own.


  1. Ana, this is a very good post, you covered some history of the Armani co. and good reporting from the press event. best, Kelly

  2. aguilarinteriors30 March 2011 at 17:00

    Thank you Kelly, really appreciate your comments. Hope to see you soon :)

  3. A really nice post. I love Armani's design. I could see lately armani
    bad and Roca collection for bathroom and it was amazing. Its illumination is incredible!