Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Lights, camera, action!

Bedroom lighting

The bedroom has become a sanctuary so when choosing the lighting for this very personal space there is many factors you must consider. This is the area of your home where you savour your time alone or with a loved one. So not only intended for sleeping, the bedroom is usually the space you get dressed, choose your outfits, curl up with a good book or simply relax.


A reading light on either side of the bed will mean you do not have to disturb your partner. If you are lucky enough to have a very large bedroom, remember the bed remains the focal point but it might be sharing its space with a television, workout equipment, a computer, or a sitting area so you must have enough light to focus on all these particular areas. 


One of my pet peeves (you will find that I have a few) is a wardrobe without lights. They need good light so you will be better able to tell the colour of your clothing but do be careful not to put a hot light bulb too near your clothes. The last thing you want is to set your clothes on fire. Lighting experts favour fluorescent lights not only because they provide lots of light, are cooler, save energy but can be concealed behind the header of the door. 

If you have a dramatic bed you could highlight this with contour lighting behind the beadhead. A striking or elaborate chandelier is also a good way to set off your bedroom scheme. 



These are some of the things you must consider and if you can answer yes to all then you are well underway to achieve a good lighting scheme for your private haven:

·         Light source near the door?
·         See well enough to get dressed?
·         Individual reading lights on each side of the bed?
·         Overhead light source?
·         Dimmer installed on the overhead light source?
·         Dark corners filled with portable lighting sources?
·         Light in the wardrobe?
·         Enough light to determine the colours of clothing in my drawers?

The bedroom is really where you have the most freedom to express yourself, so go on and be adventurous.

Now you have learned and relaxed in the bedroom do come back for my next posting; it will be about how you can achieve a spa like bathroom with clever lighting.

This blog post is part of the ‘Pass It On  Bedroom series’, a collaborative blogging project.

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