Thursday, 28 April 2011

Books: My Top Must-haves in Home Accessories

As decorative elements, books are incredibly versatile. They are not only a wonderful source of information and one of the best ways to expand the mind, but also offer a unique glimpse into their owners. 

Housed in shelves, books are efficiently stored away or placed on a coffee table, nightstand, end table or desk, whichever way, they are an invitation to make oneself at home and peruse. 

Used singularly or stacked, books can prove to be an interesting opening into someone's personality and deliver entertainment while accessorizing. 

So try being inventive with a different take: 
  • Stack few books on a side table to use as a raised display area. Set a sculpture, lamp or plant on top. It’s a great way to raise an accessory that may be too short as well as create visual interest.
  • Place low stacks of your favourite books on a dining table as a centre piece. If you are hosting a dinner party for a group that isn’t familiar with each other, then this will be an excellent ice-breaker.
  • Stack a set of very large books on the floor next to a chair, and then top with a small piece of glass to use as an end table. Either place the books in a column or fan them around for a more interesting look.
  • Create an instant nook area by a window, fireplace, or even on a blank wall, by putting up floor to ceiling bookshelves. Set a desk, loveseat, or comfortable chair in the nook. 
  •       Place stacks of books sideways on shelves so they are horizontal and titles are easily readable. It's a great idea to alternate vertical with horizontal stacks so the shelf display looks a bit more interesting.

Books are suited to modern interiors or they can take you on a trip back in time, whatever your style or flavour they are great to have. 

So be adventurous and do tell your story.
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