Saturday, 2 April 2011

A letter to mother!

Dearest Mãe (Mother)

A word that means the world to me.

Since it's Mother’s day I would like to express the love I have for my mother and also dedicate this to my mother-in-law for being a caring and loving woman.

To all, I am happy for you to dedicate this to yours. I am certain your feelings are equally as strong and dedicated as mine. I know how hard it is sometimes to put feelings into words and don’t they say “a thousand words can’t express how I feel”.
Well I am taking my best shot at it and to know that at least once in my life I managed to tell how much I love her is a great feeling. I am saddened by how many times one doesn’t get the chance and I don’t want to live with that regret. And neither would you, so do tell her… 

And yes I know I blog about design! So as I see it, my mother made/designed me so it is still about design, no?...Well I am sticking with that excuse!


So here is my homage to my Mother and therefore all mothers’…  

Mum's love stays with us forever and touches our lives in precious ways...  The values they teach, the care they give, and the wonderful love they show, they enrich our lives in more ways than we can say. A mother knows a love that knows no boundaries.

There are times when only a Mother's love understands our tears, soothes our disappointments’ and calms our fears. There are times when only a Mother's love shares the joy we feel.  

For all the times you gently picked me up, when I fell down, when you tied my shoes and tucked me into bed, or put me first instead of you. For the dreams, the laughter and the tears we shared, I love you more than words can say.

I want to tell you that I now stand tall and proud for the love you bestowed around me.

A while ago I got a phone call. It never occurred it would ever happen to me (we all do) and I do not wish it upon anyone. I was on my way to work when my mum called me to say she had cancer! Gosh… I cannot describe the pain I went through and how powerless I felt. It was as if the ground under my feet was being taken away. 

She was strong when I needed to lean on her so it was my turn now.  No matter how much pain I was feeling I realised it wasn’t about me (and the thought of losing her was unbearable), now I had to be strong for her. I called work and for the first time in my life I said I was going to be late (yes I could have just not gone but why stay home and go over and over the enormity of the situation, I was feeling bad as it was), I just needed some time to go on the internet (good old technology) and search so I learned all I could about my mum’s cancer. 

Informed and equipped with that I called my mum and explained to her while trying to calm her down and give her hope (because God knows how I needed it to); the survival  rate for her cancer was pretty good so I told her we were going to fight this together and she was going to survive it. We went through some gruesome times but both she and I after that realised how precious life is. Due to that I evaluated my life, what I was doing and where I was going; I have now changed careers and doing something I am passionate about. 

And I am glad to say my mum is now clear being watched by the doctors but alive and still here with me (well we are countries apart but not far).  I now know that nothing will ever separate me from my mother... because I carry her inside of me.

I could never forget how my mother encouraged me to dream, nurtured, protected and showed me how to stand up strong when the burdens were great. She guided and taught me right from wrong, good judgment, courage, honesty and the value of hard work. 

She encouraged and celebrated my successes, accepted my defeats and stood by my side through pain and strife. She laughed, cried, listened and I know she will never tell. But most of all I know she believes in me.

You're more than my mother, you are my friend.

And I am my mother’s legacy...

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  1. Thank you for sharing , thank you for being appreciative of all mothers through your blog. You are your mothers design! One day I hope to receive a letter like this from my daughter! A truly wonderful birthday gift for me from you. Love always !