Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Mirrors: My Top Must-haves in Home Accessories

Adding a mirror in any room can be the equivalent of adding a window through its reflection of light back into a space. So for rooms that are size-challenged, mirrors increase the perception of space and can often inexpensively fill wall space when artwork is lacking. 

Mirrors also make wonderful extra-large “coasters,” acting as a protective layer when laid on top of a wood coffee table. Laid flat on a horizontal surface, they’ll instantly take ceiling light and bounce it right back into the room for a dramatic and glamorous effect!

We rarely see the magic that is contained in them and they can serve many purposes, from helping us to fix our appearance to reflecting light into the room to making your home look more spacious.

Floor-to-ceiling mirrors can instantly make a room look twice as big. A mirror placed across from a window will bring more natural light into your home, making it appear more spacious. 

A large framed mirror can be hung like a painting, making it a centerpiece in a room. 

Even small mirrors placed in dark or small corners can draw light to the area and brighten it up.

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