Tuesday, 5 July 2011

...great collection finalists announced!

And the six finalists are:

1- FaberUna

When I look at the Get Together collection, I think of the past, present & the future.

The sleek lines and cool designs are a sure nod to the past. You can see the cool aesthetic of the post-modern era shining right through the collection.

For the present, I see the ability to entertain with pieces that fit just right into my fast-paced lifestyle. Durable materials and fresh colors make it the perfect match for my current tastes.

Knowing that Brabantia makes well-made products that are meant to last tells me that I will be able to pass this collection on to the next generation.

I would love to have this great collection in my world.

2- Sarah L.

When I look at the Get-Together collection I want to dine in style. It's got form, function and FABULOUSNESS.

3- Hannah Coleman

When I look at the get together collection it makes me want to get all my friends and family over and have a party, just simple classic pieces for everyone to enjoy ;-)

4- Angela Martinho

When I look at the Get Together collection I see lightness, simplicity, color and above all a great desire to have it and use it.

5- James McCauley

When I look at the 'Get Together' collection I see a lively summer breakfast with visiting friends, sun streaming through the open back door and a bright table laden with beautiful crockery and food. I smell wafts of cut grass on the breeze, warm bread just served and fresh coffee in the pot. I hear tidbits of gossip, laughter and the enthusiastic clinking of cutlery on plates.
And I smile.

6- Paula Trovalusci

When I look at the Get Together collection I want to invite all my friend and family for lunch... and I want to do the washing up for once! 

To all that entered the competition, you made it extremely hard for the judges to choose due to great creativity in your responses. Brabantia and I thank you for the time and effort you put in. To all the twitterers that tweeted the competition i am eternally grateful for your help; last but not least a big thank you to all those that partnered with me by featuring me as your guest post.

Brabantia's Sales Director will be choosing the winners and they will be announced tomorrow morning, so keep an eye out because it might just be you!

Thank you,

Ana xx

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