Friday, 27 January 2012

Bonjour Paris!

Due to its stunning architecture, beautifully lit streets, and a great metro system, Paris is one of the best cities to go for a long weekend.
Its Friday 7.45am and we are on our way to Paris; I end up driving the whole way and although tired I love driving. Hubby says I am always trying to break the sound barrier (he is prone to exaggeration at times).  
We arrive Friday mid afternoon after an hour sitting in a jam on the Périphériques and check into the Ideal Hotel Design which we find is extremely well situated with the Porte D’Orleans metro just outside its doors; great to get us around Paris and I love going on the metro abroad.
I am particular about hotel rooms; we have the choice of reliving the 70's and feel like James Bond against Doctor No while curling in an egg chair and maybe accept the mission of discovering Paris! (Which we choose and the egg chair was loved and tried by all).

Or Because Design rimes with Audacity; they imagined a room where sensuality reigns! Perfect for a trip with your loved one, while enjoying a journey in an original atmosphere... (Ha ha I know who had this one; sorry long story).

Parisians dedicate hours to appreciate food over casual conversation and bottles of wine so we feel right at home (well at least I sure did). With a plethora of wonderful bistros to choose from, it is difficult to choose one although we were sure they were all superb and luckily a friend recommends a delightful restaurant with mouth-watering seasonal French dishes which we love.
Parisians are serious about their culture understandably but unfortunately that’s not why we were there so I left that to hubby to which he happily attended.
Deciding to wake up early Saturday after a lovely breakfast with superb coffee, we set off to Maison & Object excited about all we are about to see. The acquisition of a Visite Paris ticket proves troublesome with three goes at establishing the optimum ticket. Each transport official gives a different recommendation. We plump for an aller-retour to Parc Des Exposition rather than a one day pass.

The M&O press office was well appointed and it being France the food was excellent. But less attention was given to the press kits and we hardly had any info at hand on the exhibitors.
Once we’ve had our design fix, we head back to the hotel to get ready for our farewell dinner in Paris. We don’t get our Moules Marinières but we do get amazingly huge Steak Frites with a good dose of St Emillion.
To find the best bars and clubs after dark you need to be with a Parisian or a frequent visitor; be sure to look your best as otherwise you won’t be let in.
Unfortunately we fit neither criteria and nor do we have time to visit the antiques within the 7th Arrondissement but let me tell you another trip is already being planned just for that.
Sunday sees an improvement in the weather. The grey drizzle has turned into sunshine and showers. We decide to have one last design fix and to M&O we head along with hubby who expresses an interest in understanding what designers and stylists really do. I accompany him as he eats his way around Hall 3 – the tableware (designer cookery) hall.
By the end of more visits to Halls 5, 6, 7 & 8 my feet were hurting, my stomach was full of delicious food and so I was just about ready to head home.
Three days in a capital filled with culture, beaming with delicious bistros and the one of the most amazing interiors fair - Maison & Object left us salivating for more.
Paris, à bientôt!



  1. Oh perfect - thanx for sharing this. I love Paris and I must go to Maison & Objet next year!!! 

  2. Glad you liked Igor, if you go next year I shall join you then :)

    Ana x