Sunday, 8 January 2012

That special room: the nursery.

While in Lisbon for Christmas I found out my cousin is having a baby and yes I did what silly people do at times – I thought she had put on weight and refrained from saying anything. Later while having a meal I asked why she wasn’t drinking wine (don’t get me wrong, we are not alcoholics). And yes I got a scolding for not noticing…Oops a daisy!
Well I started thinking about the nursery and all she has to get ready.  Not easy then…! Having to deal with the pregnancy, baby clothes and at the same time prepare the little haven.
Stuck for ideas and need some inspiration! Here are a few tips to help create a comfortable, simple and stylish baby room.
Furniture & storage:
Cots with removable sides are ideal; they can be transformed into a toddler’s bed as your child grows. Buy a unit that has a removable changing mat with shelf space underneath; it can still be used for storage once your baby has grown. Also wheelie baskets are an ideal solution for stowing toys as you can easily move them from one room to the next.
A baby bouncer is also a great way to keep your child entertained, get rid of excess energy and it will give you a bit of free time - if you are lucky.
A rocking horse is great to help your child develop balance; choose the ones with a safety rail designed for younger children.
Go neutral; it will be easier and cheaper for you in the long term. You won’t have to redecorate when it is time to move. Neutral, pastel and muted colour schemes work best as the nursery is a place for rest, so it is important to create a serene environment.
Use alphabet and number wall stickers; great to liven up a nursery while creating a stimulating learning environment.
Textiles & accessories:
Choose nursery bedding, curtains and rugs. If your walls are in a neutral colour this is where you can splash some colour. Or choose accessories in bright colours to accent the room.
A baby play mat or soft rug is a must as it is more comfortable; they spend most of their time on all fours. The choice is endless so it will be easy finding something to suit your d├ęcor.
Every nursery needs a night light; a night light will help your child sleep better, without having problems with the darkness.
Decorating the nursery safely:
-If you house is older than 1965 then you must be careful since the paint used to decorate will contain lead; this can be dangerous when inhaled, even when dried. Don’t go scraping off any paint which could be hidden a couple of coats down, hire someone to do the job.
-Also beware that even today’s paints can be toxic to newborns and people with allergies; chose a paint that is low in, or free from, VOC (volatile organic compounds). Any paint for safety should be dry for at least three months before moving your baby into the room and the same with a newly laid carpet.
-Every power outlet needs to be protected against baby usage. These gadgets can be found in every store that is selling electric devices plus they are easy to install.
-The bed must be placed in a place where nothing can fall on in, i.e. away from shelves.
Do keep this in mind and you will have an amazing, stylish and safe nursery for your little one to arrive to.
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