Sunday, 1 January 2012

Spice up your kitchen.

The kitchen was the hub of my family's life; where my parents, my sisters and I cooked together in the kitchen, sharing family recipes and where secrets were passed from one generation to the next. The food we served was extremely important as was the ambience of the kitchen; colour played a vital role in achieving a setting that encouraged storytelling. To help you with your colour selection I will be giving you a few tips. 

Bright colours give you energy and dark tones are intimate and cosy. Neutral earthy tones are calming and soothing and will make your d├ęcor and appliances the central focus. Depending on the chosen colour your room will either be enhanced or appear smaller. 

Always buy a small tin of paint and experiment; paint a poster board in the chosen colour to see if you like it and can live with it before you buy gallons.

White - Well you know you can’t go wrong with white and, in fact, a white kitchen can be warm or it can be cool depending on the shade of white you have chosen and the lighting - the type of lights you use will impact the colour on your walls and cabinets. There is so much more to white then meets the eye; you have different hues, tones, tints, intensities and all will determine the outcome. Coupled with warm coloured accessories, soft furnishings, wooden surfaces and plants will soften the look.

Red – An energizing colour which will make people talk, eat more and stay longer. Red is the colour of confidence and passion. Reds come in all kinds of shades and tones, including Indian reds, spicy reds, burgundy, terra cotta, pure reds and so on. 

Pink - Go retro and break all the rules; apply a splash of hot pink on your kitchen walls or cabinets. You are sure to get comments, you are making a statement. If you can live with this colour then go ahead.

Orange – It is a great colour and known to stimulate the appetite so not a great choice if you’re trying to lose weight. The colour orange is frequently associated with food and makes people feel comfortable and at ease. 

Black and white – Great for a sleek and contemporary look and add some stainless steel appliances to finish the look. For some it might be too stark but for others that love the minimal style this is ideal.

Blue and white - Blue is a wonderful colour to use as an accent to white. Display porcelain such as Wedgewood blue or Delft for a great look. For a warmer look add red and green for a cooler look. 

Yellow - Yellow is always a great colour for a kitchen because it is sunny, cheerful and will make a small kitchen look bigger. However pick your shade carefully, consider how much natural light is in the kitchen and how this will impact the colour on your walls; this is something you need to consider regardless of the colour paint you choose. 

Grey - A good colour to use with stainless steel is grey; these appliances give your kitchen a contemporary look, although they can be incorporated successfully into any kitchen style. The colour grey looks elegant and chic, particularly when paired with shiny metals, copper and stainless steel. Again grey goes really well with warm colours such has burgundy. 

Neutrals - When you use neutral colours on your walls you will focus on other objects such as your countertops, cabinets and back splashes. Insert colour in your chair cushions and other accessories if you want to add some colour. Granite counter tops, porcelain or stainless steel sinks and dark or light wood cabinets will all look amazing in a neutral kitchen.

Statistics reveal we now spend more waking hours in our kitchens than any other room. You best start painting.


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  2. Hi Ana, I'm going to be doing my kitchen up, there's dark blue tiles on the walls already, do you think they will suit white? or would another colour be more appropriate? Thanks, Camille 

  3. Hello Camille, if you are keeping the dark blue tiles then yes my first choice would be white and depending on your budget maybe add dark wood stools, flooring and door knobs; it's a great contrast plus it would bring some warmth to the colour scheme. Then again you can keep it all white and add appliances and accessories in colours, i.e. red, orange, yellow or even different hues of blue. There are a plethora of ideas that you can chose from but it all depends on how much you are looking to spend and is the property for you or are you just doing it up to sell. Hope this helps and you can always email me on